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Our Philosophy

 Our foundation is built on nurturing the whole student in bridging connection between the curriculum to one’s life. It is our goal to help students find that connection by involving them in the construction of knowledge by providing authentic and life-based activities. We believe that children should be given lots of freedom to build their understanding and improve. It is our goal to create a safe, prepared, and inclusive learning environment where each learner can thrive by acknowledging individual ways of learning and providing multiple means of engagement through differentiated and individualized instruction. We believe that deep and lifelong love for learning can be achieved when one creates a memorable token of the learning process.


To be the leader in innovative early childhood education by providing an authentic, exceptional and inclusive programs that develop self-confident, independent and eager learners who will make a significant contribution to the world.


The Mission of The Learning Child Montessori Academy is to provide a prepared and child centered learning environment where each can fulfill their potential and discover who they are in the world.

This mission is best accomplished by:

-Offering an authentic Montessori and Inquiry Based curriculum informed by current approach and research on child development;

-Cultivating burning passion for learning;

-Embracing a diverse inclusive community in which children experience and learn to respect ethnic, cultural, economic, and other differences to identify common ground and develop a sense of stewardship to each other;

-Creating a strong and welcoming community through involving the community, families, and teachers in supporting each other;

-Making each and every one in our community feel welcomed, loved, cared for, and accepted;

-Inspiring children to become peacemakers and leaders

The Montessori Approach

A Montessori education is an “education for life”. Learning is a hands-on where students learn by trial, error and discovery within a prepared environment. This approach is responsive to individual learning styles and allows the child to progress at their best pace. Each child becomes fully engaged in the learning process.

We believe that by helping each child to discover their own unique talents and possibilities we prepare them to succeed in the real world of ideas, enterprise and challenging perspectives. We help children “learn how to learn” so they will be ready for the ever-changing world of tomorrow by:

  • Inspiring children to think for themselves. Instead of presenting the “right answer” we try to ask the “right question” and challenge them to find new solutions and discover the answers for themselves

  • Helping students to become effective, self-organized learners by encouraging them to do their own research, analyze what they have found, and come to their own conclusions

  • Keeping the joy of learning alive by providing intriguing learning materials and encouraging them to investigate, explore, discover and think creatively

  • Exposing students to diverse perspectives and teaching them to respect different points of view which provides them with valuable life skills such as peaceful conflict resolution and interpersonal communication

Inquiry Based Learning

This approach invites children to take center stage in their own learning. Children pose meaningful questions and are encouraged to solve problems by experimenting and evaluating possible solutions.

We help children “learn how to learn” so they will be ready for the ever-changing world of tomorrow by:

  • Providing sensory rich experiences for children to explore, discover and ask questions;

  • Provoking children’s curiosity with a variety of experiences that integrate curriculum with student’s interests;

  • Asking open-ended questions to prompt deeper thinking

Our Mission: Our Mission
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