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Meet the Teacher

Our Team: Our Team

Ms. Kris

In my final year of my Business degree, I volunteered to teach children in a community outreach and that is where I discovered the wonderful world of teaching. With eagerness and burning passion, I completed several post graduate degrees in Education here and abroad. I became certified to teach in several countries including USA and Canada.

In my 17 years of teaching, I have been a kindergarten, elementary and special education teacher but what I love most is being an Early Year’s educator. I deemed it an honor to be entrusted with the impressionable minds of so many wonderful young people who ably hold our future in their tender hands. My years to date have been so wonderful, the students taught me so much in a mutually respectful learning environment; I in turn inculcated them with the spirit to cherish knowledge with understanding.  


-Alberta Education Certified Teacher
-Hawaii, USA Teacher Certified
-Graduate Program in Educational Research, University of Calgary
- Graduate Degree in Special Education
- Graduate Program in Master in Family Life and Child Development
-Certificate in Montessori Studies from Montessori Teachers College, BC
-Bachelor's Degree in Business Management
-Level 3 Child Care Supervisor certified
-Standard Child Care First Aid CPR/AED Level B certified
-Clear police check including Vulnerable Sector Search
-Clear Intervention Record Check

Team Member

Jeff Diesmos

With a nurturing personality and hands-on approach towards learning, TLCMA is thrilled to have Chef Jeff as a part of our team. His commitment to Montessori education makes him the perfect guide. An accomplished chef for many years he became curious about Montessori. He is seeing  up to this day the lasting impact of Montessori education to his own two children. They have strong sense of self, discipline, compassion and passion for learning in school and in life. Jeff pursued Montessori Early Childhood Diploma from Montessori Teachers College. He is amazed how it transformed him as a teacher and as a person. His excellent culinary background and natural gift for teaching makes him a valuable asset to The Learning Child Montessori Academy. His warmth, creativity and drive makes him a great guide. Nothing brings him more happiness than seeing the growth and evolution of our students.

-Business Management Degree

-Certificate in Culinary Arts

-White Hat Awardee in Culinary

-Multi-Awarded International Chef 

-Level 1 Child Care certified

-Standard Child Care First Aid CPR/AED Level B certified

-Clear police check including Vulnerable Sector Search

-Clear Intervention Record Check

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